Momentum One Day Cup 2019/20 - ODD Hollywoodbets Dolphins vs Lions

Kingsmead Cricket Stadium

Thursday, 05 March 2020 @ 13:30

R40.00 - R100.00


ODD Hollywoodbets Dolphins vs Lions

Section Scholar 4-18 Pensioner Adult
Grass R40.00 R40.00 R50.00
North Benches/East Stand R40.00 R40.00 R50.00
North Stand Upper and Low R40.00 R40.00 R50.00
South Stand Lower R40.00 R40.00 R50.00
West Stand R40.00 R40.00 R50.00
South Stand Upper     R100.00

If you have a ticket that is in grass area-deck chairs you are allowed to bring in chairs, One Chair Per A Ticket.

Normal grass area tickets- not allowed to bring in a chair.

No Umbrellas are allowed in.

Small cooler boxes only allowed.

No braais allowed in- braais are available at stadium

Food and  Sealed soft drinks are allowed in but only in plastic containers. No glass allowed.

Please Click The Dark Green Oval In the Grass Area For Deck Chair Tickets. 

0-3 years Old ( under 3 )  

4-18 Years Old (Scholar ) 

19 - 60 Years Old ( Adult ) 

60 + Years Old ( Pensioner ) 

N.B Every  Person entering The stadium on Match days must be in the possession of a valid ticket 

If your child is under 3 please collect a R0 Value ticket which is Obtainable from the Relevant Ticket office on the day of the match 

The following payment methods are supported: