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#SACitizensUnite Relief Fund

#SACitizensUnite Relief Fund

My name is Mark Sham and I run a fairly well-known company called Suits & Sneakers with my partner, Nicola Fenn. A year ago, we started an organisation called #SACitizensUnite because we couldn't stand around and do nothing while our country continued to struggle.

Earlier this year (May 2021), we used my birthday to raise funds for Christel House South Africa and The Tomorrow Trust. We used an external entity in the form of Hero Ticket and Ticketpro to collect the funds and we raised just over R110k. We made no money from the process, the money never touched our account, and every cent was handed over to these two organisations.

This morning, Nicola and I came up with the idea of starting a relief fund for people who have been affected by the looting, and also small businesses around SA that weren't insured for the looting. I have the social media reach to get this kind of message out there and I think I have the trust of people based on the last fundraiser. Added to this, we reached out to Gift of the Givers and they will be partnering with us on the distribution of funds.

So this is what we're doing in that we'd like to ask you to help us and donate whatever you can to assist these people and small businesses. Hero Ticket and Ticketpro will collect the money, and just like last time, the money will never come into our own account.

I have learned in the last while that most people want to get involved and help create change in their communities, but they don't know where to start. In the case, I am making it dead easy. This is what active citizenship is all about. I really believe this is a great opportunity for us to practice coming together as a community and create change. The more people get involved, the more it gives other people permission to do the same. This is how groundswells are created!



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