Mamelodi 2017 - Mamelodi Grand White Picnic

Mamelodi Central Ground

Tuesday, 26 December 2017 @ 12:00 Wednesday, 27 December 2017 @ 02:00


Mamelodi Grand White Picnic

The Mamelodi Grand White Picnic is an annual exclusive event where people come dressed in an All White attire and bring along their Picnic Baskets. Food and Bar courts are available.

In its 3 years of existence it has attracted 4000+ people which is a great achievement. This number will increase as the event grows in years to come.

This is one of a kind event in Mamelodi is aimed at the UPPER CLASS generation of the City Of Tshwane, focusing more on the ‘experience’ which guests will have than the typical offering of venue with music.

The Mamelodi Grand White has been charged with the responsibility of creating and enabling environment for Township Economic Development.




Picnic Basket Allowed

Cooler box R50 available at entrance before 5oclock

Wheelchair accessible

No Bottles

No Weapons

Section Adult +18
Early Bird R100.00


Address: 113 Kubone Dr, Mamelodi - BA1, Pretoria, 0122

The following payment methods are supported: