Kofifi Goetes - Kofifi Goetes 2017

The Carousel Nickelodeon Room

Saturday, 08 April 2017 @ 18:00


Kofifi Goetes 2017

Kofifi Movement seeks to celebrate and honour those who lived in during height of apartheid and difficult times of limited communication mediums. Our form of entertainment has evolved quite drastically and new form of consuming fun has emerged on the entertainment horizon. You will notice that unlike today entertainment hubs during those days were based in townships and were called Shebeens. These are the people who shaped our social lives today in social scenes. During these era fashion and music was key to different social disciplines and the most popular Lifestyle and fashion  was Pantsula & hip.  The music play list comprises of old school sounds that takes attendees down memory lane which was popular during those days. These events are not just ordinary parties like the rest. This is a brand experience brought by a combination of attire, cars, music and dance that use to stun during those days and they are aptly themed KOFIFI. The pay offline is “ONS DOBOL NDOKOS” which means we rock nice music and nice oldish clothes.

Has Wheel Chair Access

Alcohol and Food to be sold at the venue/event

Age Restriction: NO under 18's



Section Adult 18+
General Admission R150.00

Old Warmbaths Road



North West Province

The following payment methods are supported: