Activity Details
ServiceArt & Montagu Town Tour
Activity Combination service
SupplierFlying Feet
Nearest Date2022-07-07
Where27 Bath Street, Montagu

General Information
Instructions No kids size bicycles, so bring your own and get 20% discount.
Pax have to be able to ride a standard adult size bicycle. Back pedal break system. No Gears.
Customized tours are available on request
Children allowed? Yes
Weather In case of heavy rain, the tour will be rescheduled.
Dress Code Comfortable clothing
What to bring n/a
Guests You are not allowed to make use of our bicycles under the influence of drugs or alcohol These are backpedal Dutch bikes. You have to be tall enough to ride an adult size bike. You are welcome to bring your own bicycle.
Inclusions A coffee date and private studio tour with a local artist.
Exclusions n/a