Activity Details
ServiceCrocodile Cage Diving
Activity Crocodile cage diving
SupplierLe Bonheur Reptiles & Adventures
Nearest Date2021-10-30
WhereLe Bonheur Reptiles and Adventures, Babylonstoren Road, Simondium, 7670
(off R45 between Paarl and Franschoek)

General Information
Instructions Divers enter a stable cage set within a croc dam (cage enclosure is filled with clean filtered water) via a walkway and steps leading into the cage from above. The enclosure is encased by metal all around and on top, and boasts a seamless bowed acrylic panel allowing clear viewing of the reptiles. 60 cm of the enclosure is above water. Divers have the choice to view the reptiles under water, or surface level, or above water (the crocs even occasionally climb on top of the cage!)
Children that are water safe may participate. Life jackets available.
Children allowed? Yes
Weather The weather should be warm in order to convince the crocodiles to feed, should the weather be cold the crocodiles will be inactive.
Dress Code You can wear anything you like.
What to bring Don't forget to bring your swimsuit and as an optional a wetsuit as the water can be cold in autumn of spring !
Guests Guests can spectate the dive dam surround by purchasing a Reptile Combo tour entry fee. Reptile combo ticket holders qualify for a guided croc pond tour where they will view 250 crocs via walkways spanning wide dams, as well as entry to our indoor snake exhibit.
Inclusions Dive goggles. Warm shower after your dive. We have towels available but recommend clients bring their own.
Exclusions Swim suit.