Activity Details
ServiceChimp & Zee Rope Adventure
Activity Team Building
SupplierMankwe Gametrackers
Nearest Date2021-12-09
WhereValley of the Waves Sun City Resort

General Information
Instructions You will be passing over the Valley of the Waves a few times, all loose materials, phones etc. will need to be removed and either placed in a locker or given to a friend/family member.
Children allowed? Yes
Weather No weather restrictions.
Dress Code To wear suitable clothing for an outdoor adventure
What to bring *Sun-block (SPF)
Guests One person per element We allow only one person per element at a time ensuring the safety of each person partaking in the journey.  Continuous belay system* *A belay system is a mechanical device used during climbing. There is a continuous rope above your head that is attached to your harness for the entire duration of the journey. This means that as you go from element to element you will have a safe and secure line above your head. Even if you slip off one of the elements you will only go a very short and safe distance before your harness supports you.  Gear You will be put into a safety climbing harness and a helmet to ensure that you are secure always.  Chimp & Zee Guides Trained, friendly guides are available throughout the journey to constantly check everyone is happy and safe. They will check your gear and will explain how the journeys work.
Inclusions One entrance per person onto the rope course. All your safety equipment. Estimated duration is 45 minutes.
Exclusions Excludes day visitor entrance fees into Sun City and Valley of the Waves.