2022 International Test - Springboks vs Wales

Toyota Stadium

Saturday, 09 July 2022 @ 17:05

R150.00 - R1000.00

Springboks vs Wales

We have reached 50 % capacity on 3 May 2022. If government regulations do not change we will not be able to accommodate you and we will refund you for the tickets.

Main Stand Cat FR150.00
North Stand Cat FR150.00
South Stand Cat FR150.00
East Stand Cat ER350.00
North Stand Cat ER350.00
South Stand Cat ER350.00
East Stand Cat DR500.00
Main Stand Cat CR650.00
Main Stand Cat BR750.00
Main Stand Cat AR1,000.00

Terms & Conditions Toyota Stadium

Suite/Stand tickets are valid for all events hosted at The Stadium under the jurisdiction of the Free State Rugby Union (FSRU) and Cheetahs Company Pty Ltd (Cheetahs Company). The ticket is valid for the event printed on the front side of this ticket.

Tickets must be produced at the entrance points and on request of any official, steward, security officer or personnel from the FSRU and Cheetahs Company or Event Organizer.

Admission to The Stadium is granted at ticket holders own risk and subject to a search.

The bearer of a suite/stand ticket confirms, that by entering The Stadium premises, he/she will be considered to have acquainted themselves with the indemnity displayed on the Important Notice erected on the outside of The Stadium and fully understands the contents thereof.

All seats at The Stadium are reserved and ticket holders must sit accordingly to the seat or stand numbers.

Should matches for any reason beyond the control of the FSRU and Cheetahs Company not take place, no refunds will be made in respect to this ticket.

Tickets are not replaceable due to loss, theft, damage or for any other reason whatsoever.

FORBIDDEN: Any items (Prohibited Items at The Stadium) displayed on the Important Notice on the outer perimeter of The Stadium. Any items classified under the above may be confiscated at the entry points. Refer to www.fscheetahs.co.za. No CAMERAS and/or weapons.

Smoking is prohibited on the stands and in suites.

Tickets cannot be refunded, cancelled, returned or exchanged.

Parking can be purchased additionally and is subject to availability.

FSRU and Cheetahs Company reserve the right to substitute the allocated seat of the holder with another if necessary, without prior notice to the ticket holder.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of FSRU and Cheetahs Company may resolve in access refusal or possible arrest.

Different printing options allow a person to have a home printed version of a ticket or the original Ticketpro ticket. It is the ticket holders (purchaser?s) responsibility to safe-guard his/her tickets and keep the ticket in the original size.

Please ensure to check your tickets before you leave the Ticket Office tickets cannot be refunded, cancelled, returned or exchanged.

Any ticket displaying as printed? on the system, will be considered as IN THE PURCHASER?S POSESSION and will not be reprinted due to loss, theft or damage or any reason whatsoever.

Keep your tickets safe and ensure that the barcode does not get damaged.

Castle Lager Incoming Series 2022 tickets are subject to availability and based on a first-come-first-served basis.

The ticket holder hereby indemnifies and holds the FSRU and Cheetahs Company harmless from and against all damages and liabilities suffered or incurred in connection with, resulting from or arising out of any breach of the T&C.

Admission to The Stadium and Venues is at the ticket holders? own risk and indemnifies FSRU AND THE CHEETAHS from any claims whatsoever resulting out of the admission into the stadium.

Neither FSRU nor Cheetahs Company, or any person/company acting on behalf of the FSRU and Cheetahs Company, shall be liable for any loss or damage sustained within the premises or personal injury or accident to the ticket holder.

Ticket resale or ticket touting is not allowed. FSRU is the only licensed ticket seller for this event and are the only controlling body to sell Event Tickets either at the FSRU Ticket Office or through the official website.

Game Day tickets may not be handed to another person either over or under the turnstiles without swiping the barcode. Game Day tickets may not be exchanged through the fence or via any action where one person has already entered The Stadium, and the receiver of the ticket/-s is still outside The Stadium. Only the card holder may swipe his/her ticket/-s at the turnstiles, except when ticketing officials provide assistance.

Please be advised that FSRU and Cheetahs Company Terms and Conditions also refer to The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, 2010 (Act No 2. of 2010) to ensure full compliance to the Act and all other relevant legislation to sport events

Payment methods:

  • Cash /debit, credit or Samba cards (at Ticket Office)

By purchasing a game day ticket and/or having a ticket in your possession and entering The Stadium a person confirms that he/she - will at all times - comply with National COVID-19 regulations, or any other act/regulation related to Covid. Failure to comply may result in refusal of access or removal from the premises.

Refer to www.fscheetahs.co.za for full terms and conditions. Refer also to info board at entrances at stadium for prohibited items.

Free State Rugby Union (FSRU) and Cheetahs Company Pty Ltd (Cheetahs Company) will do whatever we can to expedite the entry and exit of spectators. You can assist us by having your required documents ready and coming to the venue earlier than normal as to avoid delays due to protocol.

Ticketing agent of the Free State Rugby Union (FSRU) and Cheetahs Company Pty Ltd (Cheetahs Company) is Ticketpro. Also visit their website for their terms and conditions. (www.ticketpros.co.za)

Ticket Office: 051407 1701 or 051407 1725.


All persons entering the stadium are required to be either Fully Vaccinated or must provide a Negative Covid Test not older than 72 hours (over 18s)

You are considered fully vaccinated 14 days after receiving your (J & J) vaccine and/or 14 days after receiving your second Pfizer vaccine.

12-18 year olds require ONE? dose of the Pfizer vaccine to enter the stadium or need to produce a Negative Covid Test not older than 72 Hours.

Those who are NOT Fully Vaccinated must provide a Negative Covid Test (RAPID & PCR are accepted) not older than 72 hours.

TAKE NOTE that a Rapid test is only valid for 24 hours and does not fall within the time frames as mentioned in the Gazette.

All persons entering the stadium will be required to present proof of Vaccination status. Such proof can be presented in the form of your:

Vaccination Card,

Vaccination Certificate

Digital Vaccination Certificate.

You will also be required to present your Proof of Identity. Such proof can be provided in the form of your:

ID Book or ID Card


Driver?s Licence

In the event of children under the age of 12 attending, they are classified as being "fully vaccinated" and will be allowed entry.

No medical exemptions are allowed. e.g. pregnancy. You need to be fully vaccinated or present a Negative Covid Test not older than 72 hours.

Pod Seating of groups in the same booking are clustered together. With distancing between them and the next group or person.

All persons MUST follow the Standard COVID protocols at all times.

All persons entering the stadium are required to wear a mask indoors in line with South African Government Regulations, with the exception of the short durations

You must not engage in any conduct that is intended to transmit the Covid-19 virus to another person or any conduct that can be reasonably construed to be intending to transmit the Covid-19 virus to another person.

You acknowledge that you have considered your age, health, co-morbidities and vulnerabilities before deciding to attend and that the Free State Rugby Union (FSRU) and Cheetahs Company Pty Ltd (Cheetahs Company) will not be held liable in the event that you fall ill or contract the virus following your attendance to the stadium.

Failure to adhere to COVID protocols will result in admittance to the venue being denied, or your removal from the stadium.

The following payment methods are supported: