Amadodana Music Fest 2021 - The Beat Amadodana Music Festival Show 2021

Delareyville Community Hall

Sunday, 01 August 2021 @ 11:00


The Beat Amadodana Music Festival Show 2021

The Beat Music Festival Show 2021 presents by Mahlakus Entertainment Music Production

Program director thato Richard Ranthimo Amadodana ase wesile

Bathlanka ba tswaing
Amadodana ase Bethel
Bathlanka ba bmc
Bahlanka ba bethel
Evangeli la madodana
Bathlanka ba botshepehi
The great Bathlanka ba tswaing
Bathlanka ba kagiso

Date: 1 August 2021
Venue: Delareyville Town Hall
Ticket Price: R50 (R70 at the door)

The winner takes all! Don't miss this opportunity
0834044172 /0683540170
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SectionAll Ages

2541 Ext. 8, Delareyville

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