Redhill Arts Productions - Actress

Len Miller

Friday, 26 July 2024 @ 19:00



While living in New York in 2010, Talia's mind brimmed with ideas, setting the stage for her future one-woman show, which she envisioned weaving with original music. A decade later, a serendipitous moment occurred when she discovered the music of Bruce Dennill online. Struck by the resonance of his style, Talia approached him over a casual coffee, proposing that they collaborate to bring her creative visions to life in "Actress!"

"Actress" is a musical dramedy that unfolds as a humorous and poignant tale of a woman navigating her various roles actress, wife, mother, daughter, teacher, and more amidst the complexities and demands of each. Set in both New York and South Africa, the story follows 'Actress' on a journey through stress and success, anger and auditions, triumph and tears, dance and delirium, and perhaps, the prospect of finding peace. Along the way, she finds unexpected assistance and emotional support from an unexpected source.

It's a narrative that resonates with anyone who has faced the challenge of adjusting to new expectations in various aspects of life whether their own or imposed by others.

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