Momentum One Day Cup 2019/20 - ODD Warriors vs Lions

St Georges Park Stadium

Friday, 14 February 2020 @ 13:30

R20.00 - R40.00

ODD Warriors vs Lions


Old Stand-UnreservedR20.00R20.00R40.00

Ground regulations

  • The management of St Georges Park Stadium reserves the right of admission to the ground. On no account will admission be granted to a person who is subject to a current ban.
  • All persons entering the ground are only admitted subject to these ground regulations and the relevant rules and regulations of Cricket South Africa (CSA)
  • All matches will be played in accordance with the rules and regulations of Cricket South Africa and within the laws of the game.
  • Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Stadium management reserves the right to change its advertised fixtures without notice and liability.
  • In the event of a match being postponed, cancelled or abandoned, any refund of the admission charge will be at the discretion of the stadium management. Persons entering the ground are advised to retain their ticket stub and/or membership card as this may be required to be produced at a later date.
  • The Stadium management reserves the right to refuse admission to the ground to, or to eject from the ground, any person who refuses to be searched by any steward, servant or agent of the stadium or any Police Officer.
  • In order to gain admission to areas of the ground reserved for members, persons should produce an appropriate ticket or pass when requested by a steward.
  • Unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter onto the playing area or any adjacent area to which spectators are not generally admitted.
  • Any person who used threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language, takes part in indecent or racist chanting, or makes a racist comment will be ejected from the ground and may be arrested.
  • Only persons specifically authorised in writing by the Stadium management are permitted to offer for sale, or distribute within the ground or on Stadium property any newspaper, periodical or other article.
  • Persons issued with a specific ticket for a seat must occupy that seat unless instructed otherwise by a steward or other authorised agent of the Stadium.
  • The obstruction of gangways, access ways, exits and entrances, stairways and like places is strictly forbidden, as is the climbing of floodlight pylons, stands and any other structure forming part of the ground. Smoking in no-smoking areas is similarly strictly forbidden.
  • Any person attempting to gain admission to, or being found within, a section of the ground designated for members only without the proper authorisation may be ejected from the ground.
  • Any person found damaging or defacing the property of the Stadium will be ejected and may be prosecuted.
  • The drivers of motor vehicles must comply with directional signs and park within marked spaces.

Any person failing to comply with instructions from a steward, police officer or other authorised agent of the Stadium, will be ejected from the ground.

Prohibited Items

The following items may NOT be brought into the stadium:

  • Firearms, weapons, knives and imitation weapons
  • Fireworks, explosives,
  • Mace (tear-gas)
  • Glass bottles or containers
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal drugs or narcotics
  • Cans
  • Umbrellas
  • Braai Equipment/Skottels/Webber Braais (no open fires allowed)
  • Animals (except guide dogs)
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters
  • Balls (soccer/rugby/etc)
  • Video cameras and non-accredited media equipment (i.e. Cameras with detachable lenses or recording equipment)
  • The Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any person carrying any other dangerous article or substance not referred to above, or wearing or carrying any item or substance that in Management's sole discretion may be considered to be offensive, disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe any party's rights or any party's safety or security.
  • Gass burners, no open flames.

Authorised Items

The following items, subject to certain conditions, are permitted in certain stadia

  • Fold-up chairs - in designated areas in certain stadia only;
  • Cooler bags / boxes and own foodstuff (with plastic cutlery ) - in certain stadia only;
  • Soft drinks / water in plastic bottles,
  • Cameras for recreational and personal non-commercial use only;
  • Video cameras or camcorders for recreational and personal non-commercial use only;
  • Flags and banners, provided that, in the opinion of the management, they are not vulgar, political, racial, discriminatory, sexual in nature, or display advertising which may in any way impinge or will be in conflict with the rights of the partners / sponsors / suppliers / vendors of the event (in any language) or will offend or impact on the view of other spectators in the opinion of management;
  • Medication (prescription or otherwise) or insect repellent;
  • Aerosol deodorant;
  • Cigarette lighters / matches;
  • Braai equipment, which is ideally to be supplied by the venue though certain venues permit braai equipment to be brought in- please check with the stadium management beforehand.

Please check specific terms and conditions of the venue in question or confirm with stadium management if uncertain.

EP Cricket Board and the St Georges Park Stadium disclaims any responsibility for any loss or damages

Cricket South Africa (CSA) Terms and Conditions

The direct or indirect purchase or receipt of a ticket, whichever is the earlier, by the bearer constitutes acceptance by the bearer of the terms and conditions set out below.
These terms and conditions incorporate the conditions of entry to the stadium which are also displayed at the stadium and these terms and conditions shall prevail where
there is inconsistency between the two.

1. Right of admission is reserved at the discretion of CSA and the organising affiliate (management).
2. The ticket must be produced at appropriate entry points and/or on demand by any authorised official.
3. Entry into the stadium and demarcated areas will not be allowed to persons under the influence of alcohol or in possession of cans, glass objects, alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, weapons, flares, fireworks, smoke bombs, hooters, horns, any object or clothing containing political or commercial identification in breach of condition 7 below, or any other objects or items which may be offensive, disruptive, dangerous or likely to infringe any partys rights or any partys safety or security. The ticket holder must at all times also comply with the list of prohibited and restricted items, which may be viewed at or obtained from CSA at (011) 880-2810.
4. Where admission is refused or the ticket holder is evicted from the stadium and/or demarcated areas, no refund shall be paid.
5. The playing field shall be out of bounds at all times on the day of the match to which this ticket refers (the match).
6. The ticket holder shall not behave in a disruptive manner, endanger the safety of other persons in the stadium and/or demarcated areas and shall not unreasonably obstruct the viewing of other spectators.
7. Under no circumstances may any person in the stadium use a mobile telephone, computer or other kind of communication device either,
(i) to communicate or in any way transmit any form of commentary, data or other material in relation to a cricket match taking place in the stadium for any kind of improper betting or other corrupt or unlawful purpose; or
(ii) to conduct betting activity (whether lawful or unlawful) in a public pitch-facing part of the ground in a way which, in managements opinion, otherwise brings the game or CSA into disrepute, is disruptive or which offends (or is likely to offend) other spectators.
Ticket holders participating in these activities, or suspected by management to be participating in such activities, may be ejected from the stadium.
8. The ticket holder shall not engage in any form of ambush marketing (which shall include, for the avoidance of doubt, any attempt to associate directly or indirectly with the event or CSA for the purposes of commercial gain) and shall not breach or infringe the rights of any sponsors, suppliers, broadcasters or other parties commercially associated with the match, nor conduct unauthorised promotions or any other unauthorised commercial activity.
9. The use of tickets as a prize in lotteries or competitions without prior written consent of the management is expressly prohibited.
10. The ticket holder shall not be entitled to sell, donate, transfer or in any way give this ticket to any person or entity for the purpose of commercial gain. Tickets shall only be purchased or obtained through official authorized agents, a list of which may be viewed at or obtained from CSA at (011) 880-2810. Any ticket obtained in breach of these terms and conditions shall be invalid and all rights connected with such invalid ticket shall be unenforceable. Any person seeking to use a ticket obtained in breach of these terms and conditions will be refused entry or be ejected from the stadium and demarcated areas and no refund will be payable.
11. Management shall, subject to these terms and conditions, use its best efforts to ensure that the ticket holder is given full and undisturbed use of the seat to which this ticket refers. Management reserves the right to substitute the seat with another in its discretion. Management does not guarantee that the ticket holder will have an uninterrupted and/or uninhibited view of the match from the seat provided, nor does it make any guarantee as to the quality of the match.
12. In the event of the postponement of the match, this ticket may still be valid or be substituted for a valid one. If the original ticket is stolen or mislaid management should be notified immediately. Please refer to CSAs Refund Policy at or call CSA at (011) 880-2810.
13. Should the ticket holder wish to leave and enter a demarcated area, permission must first be obtained from the Venue Operation Centre (VOC) at each stadium or the person(s) designated by the VOC to grant such permission.
14. The ticket holder shall not express or carry out, in any form, discriminatory ideas or acts either in the stadium or the demarcated areas. CSA strongly condemns any discriminatory or racist act or any action which could have a discriminatory effect or impact.
15. Management, its officials, servants and agents shall not be liable for any loss, injury, or damage howsoever caused to the ticket holder.
16. Failure to observe and abide by these terms and conditions shall constitute a breach of contract and may result in ejection from the stadium and demarcated areas, cancellation or confiscation of this ticket and/or legal action of management.

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