Redhill Arts Productions - Making Wine in Scotland


Saturday, 27 July 2024 @ 15:00


Making Wine in Scotland

"Making Wine in Scotland" is a comedy about the end of the world. A man, a woman, and a tree stand as the last hope for all life on Earth. Andy, the last surviving tree, holds the key to humanity's salvation amidst a devastating tree-killing virus and a planet ravaged by climate change. Ellis, armed with the cure, and Nandi, wielding a machine that could rescue humanity, must navigate obstacles, including a ruthless billionaire.

This race-against-time comedy about the apocalypse weaves together themes of love, capitalism, quirky humor, and the urgent quest for survival. Brace yourself for a tale involving big doors, Star Wars references, killer viruses, bags of money, Orion?s Belt, and even pencil sharpeners as the end draws near.

Ticket Prices:

General Admission 13+: R191

SectionAges 13+
General AdmissionR191.00

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