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Truth and Life Family Church

Saturday, 10 September 2022 @ 09:00

R50.00 - R100.00

Prophetic Community


This is the second conference in a series of four. If you attended the first conference Apostolic Community then you are well aware of the quality of preaching that was found on that day. This conference aims to live up to that expectation.

The prophetic in the Church is something that often times is scoffed upon. This is mostly due to the misinterpretation or the abuse of it. Foretelling or forth telling well the simple question is which is Christ centred. Unfortunately God's people have fallen prey to false prophets even though Jesus warned us against such individuals.

Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy. 1 Corithians 14:1 ESV

God in His sovereignty still wants His church to prophesy. This is an enigma that needs to be solved. He knows all too well that this ministry is so easily subject to abuse but the written word wants us to pursue it.

It is our earnest desire to address this and other pressing questions about the prophetic and its role in the church at Prophetic Community, only using the written word as a plumb line. We wholehearted believe in the authority of scripture and we rely only on the Holy Scriptures to direct us.

Leading up to this conference Koinonia Ministries has been holding a Pastors Bible Study every Wednesday and once a month on Saturday at the time of writing this article. The Art Of Prophesying by William Perkins is the textbook that is being used to gain a biblical perspective on this topic.

Build Your Library will be present for theological book sales at competitive prices. Please bring cash for the purchase of these much sort after theological books. Please come early as seats are unreserved.
Lunch will be served at the conference along with teas and coffees.

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