Promoting the African Culture 2019 - Promoting the African Culture

Fountains Valley

Saturday, 02 March 2019 @ 15:00

R250.00 - R1500.00

Promoting the African Culture

The aim of the event is to promote African culture and its diversity through the youth, by dancing, singing and creating an awareness about the greatness of being African and promoting African Art and Culture.

Ticket Prices:

No Special/Reserved seat

Admission Package 1: R250 (Free Food Pack & Drink)
Admission Package 2: R500 (Free Food Pack & Drink)
Admission Package 3: R1, 000 (Free Food Pack & 2 Drinks, Plus Loyalty Card for partnership)
Admission Package 4: R1, 500 (Free Food Pack & 3 Drinks; Plus Loyalty Card for partnership)

Genereal Information:

- No Age Restriction (Kids under 16 enter free of charge)

- Unfortunately Not Wheelchair Friendly

Probihited Items:

- No Alcohol

- No Drugs

- No Firearms

Permitted Items:

- Food

- Drinks (non-alcoholic)

Section Adult 16+
General Admission R250 R250.00
General Admission R500 R500.00
General Admission R1000 R1,000.00
General Admission R1500 R1,500.00

The Fountains Valley is a recreational resort at the southern entrance to Pretoria in South Africa. It was proclaimed as a nature reserve by President Paul Kruger on 1 February 1895. Consequently, this 60-ha reserve, along with the contiguous Groenkloof Nature Reserve, constitute the oldest nature reserves on the African continent

Address: Fountains Rd, Groenkloof 358-Jr, Pretoria, 0027


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