Redhill Arts Productions - Emperors New Clothes

Orchestra Room

Saturday, 27 July 2024 @ 11:45


Emperors New Clothes

"Audiences have been bowled over by this well-loved tale by Hans Christian Andersen, which has a fresh new look. With a distinctly South African flavour, actors Henu Baden and Jessie Diepeveen play all the various characters that take us on a journey behind the scenes at the emperor?s palace. His Majesty is a vain man, obsessed with his looks and living a great life; he doesn?t care too much about his subjects. In his quest to be the world?s leading fashion icon, he enlists the help of TikTok sensation Charlotte. Charlie and her aged Grandad decide to trick the emperor and expose him for the world to see. Can she convince him that she is making him a magical cloak which is only visible to clever people? Will the Emperor learn his lesson? To find out, come and join us for some family fun!

The show deals with the imbalances between the rich and the poor and is a mirror held up to a society that is obsessed with social media. The play also shows how this power can be harnessed to improve the world. It is a reminder to the audience not to be taken in by fame and fortune because, as Grandad says, A fool and his money are soon parted! The production is interactive and enjoys audience participation."

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