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Saturday, 27 July 2024 @ 15:00


Extreme Lengths

Finding your voice at fifteen is messy enough! Finding your voice at fifteen in an all-girls? boarding school dormitory with an opinionated roommate is impossible. That pretty much sums up the hairy situation Jo van der Merwe and Minnie Pieters find themselves tangled in. After a heated incident has the girls pinned against a wall, they are forced to untangle their issues, confronting them at their core.

Savannah Steyn?s "Extreme Lengths" won this year?s Zabalaza Festival for Best Script. Audiences can expect tears, laughter, and a touch of do-it-yourself madness as the play delves into the challenges of youth identity.

A play for all generations to enjoy - a surefire way to have you in stitches!

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