DIA Festival 2019 - DIA Festival

NG Gemeente Potchefstroom-Oos

Saturday, 31 August 2019 @ 09:00


DIA Festival

We will be hosting a diamond drop during the DIA Festival 2019.

Coupons for different prizes will be dropped from air onto a field. This field will be divided into 5000 stands/seats of 1m x 1m and tickets for each stand will be sold.

The ticket owner on who’s field the prize lands will be the owner of the prize.

The allocation of seats/stands will be done randomly, so the public are welcome to buy as many seats/stands as they wish. The more seats/stands, the better their chances of winning!

There will be at least 3 different prizes that would be dropped during the day and the 1st prize is a round brilliant 0.77-carat diamond.

Please bring along your ticket print and proof of identification


Prohibited item list         

Food allowed - NO – will be sold on premises

Alcohol allowed - NO – will be sold on premises

Soft drinks allowed - NO – will be sold on premises

Wheelchair access - Yes




Section Stand
Stand R50.00

The following payment methods are supported: