Redhill Arts Productions - Illusionarium

Moved from Orchestra Room to Len Miller

Friday, 26 July 2024 @ 17:00


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Unfortunately this event
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Step into the world of magic where the age-old question persists: 'Is it real or is it all an illusion?' This question echoed through ancient Egypt after witnessing the first recorded magic trick in history. Now, 4000 years later, audiences ponder the same query when encountering the mesmerising magic and illusions of Brendon Peel.

Join the multi-award-winning, internationally acclaimed mentalist and magician, Brendon Peel, as he guides you through a mind-bending journey exploring the captivating history of magic and illusion. From classic illusions to jaw-dropping modern tricks, his show promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you craving more. Enter the "Illusionarium" and discover for yourself why Forbes Magazine recognises Brendon Peel as one of the world's top magicians!

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