Redhill Arts Productions - Trial and Error

Film Studio

Sunday, 28 July 2024 @ 16:30


Trial and Error

'Trial and Error' is a compelling courtroom drama written and directed by Fleur du Cap-nominated director Emma Amber. This thought-provoking play delves into the complexities of the American justice system, exploring themes of racial bias, loss, acceptance, and mental health. At this year's Redhill Arts Festival, audience members will act as the jury, immersing themselves in the riveting trial of nineteen-year-old Amari Davies, charged with murder and neglect on two counts, claiming the lives of Simon's parents in the aftermath of a tragic car accident. The weighty decision of her fate lies in the audience's hands.

Navigate through the intricacies of the trial as factors such as race and Amari's drug test result come into play. Meanwhile, Simon, left with complicated feelings of guilt and anger, seeks revenge for the loss of his parents. "Trial and Error" challenges preconceptions, urging the audience to confront their own biases and beliefs. It's a theatrical experience that goes beyond the confines of the stage, sparking conversations about justice, empathy, and the human condition.

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General Admission 14+: R159

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